Smart Solar Box Review – Is It Worth The Investment?

Ryan’s Smart Solar Box is known as BEST & QUICKEST method to slash electricity bill in half… But Is That True? We Tested This Program And Reveal The Truth That People Hiding From You!! Read This Review Before Buying This Program

Do you want to slash your monthly electricity bill in half? Do you want to keep your electronic devices running, even when there is a power cut in your area? Don’t worry, Ryan Tanner recently came up with a technique to build a portable solar box that not only slashes your bills by 65% but also keeps your house power up during an emergency. He calls it ‘Smart Solar Box.’ But does it really work? Let’s find out

Smart Solar Box
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Smart Solar Box plan is the perfect solution, especially during emergency, when there is a power cut in your area, and you need electricity to keep your refrigerator and cooking appliances running for your family survival. Over 17,000 families are using this solar box to cut their electricity bills by half. It is easy to move, and more importantly, it has almost zero maintenance cost.

However, many people on my email list are asking is it worth the investment? Therefore, I decided to access the Ryan Tanner’s program to analyze and find out if it is easy to make and how much investment is required to make this device.

Keep reading this Smart Solar Box review to find out the answer to these questions

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Let’s talk about this program:

What Is Included In This Program?

The Smart Solar Box by Ryan Tanner comes as a complete package that contains:

Smart Solar Box eBook – This main manual contains step-by-step instruction on creating a portable solar box under $200. This book is 41-page manual contains different steps from collecting tools to testing the solar box. Everything is defined clearly along with pictures to help people understand easily.

10 Easy Steps To Build Your Solar Panel – This short 35-page guide contains steps on creating your solar panel. By creating your solar panels, you can save some money and easily expand your portable solar box according to your electricity requirements.

Build Your Own Wind Turbine – If you want to create wind turbine, then this bonus guide is best for you. This bonus guide contains a list of 10 steps from building blades to wiring the system.

4 Step-by-Step Videos – If you don’t prefer reading then you can watch these four videos one by one to create a portable solar box in your backyard. These high-quality videos explain each step in great detail.

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What Is Smart Solar Box All About?

This plan created by Ryan Tanner, a 52-years old mechanic from Milwaukee. Inside this program, you will find detailed guide and videos that help you to create your own inexpensive solar power bank and it takes small space in your backyard or garage.

Ryan claims that this solar power bank is portable and you can simply fold it to keep in your garage whenever you need. You can use it as per your comfort, and if it is maintained properly, then it can slash your monthly electric bill by 68% even if you are paying $150, $200 or even $300. You can find its tools and electric components from local or online stores.

open solar boxIn the official website, Ryan Tanner revealed how he discovered this smart solar power bank (pic on right) when he visited his late father’s cabin in Wisconsin. In a matter of few hours, the bright shiny sky darkens, and heavy snow cut off electric power supply in his neighborhood to send everyone in the dark.

There was no electricity in his neighborhood, but he was the only one that has electricity in his cabin. Ryan later found out six toolboxes in the garage that was powering up the house when there was no electricity for 48 hours. These six toolboxes were improvised power banks.

Ryan studied his father’s notes about how he created these solar panel power banks. He shared everything he discovered inside The Smart Solar Box system.

You don’t have to spend $2000 or $4000 to create this solar power bank because with the help of Ryan tips you can able to create this solar box in just $200. Building up procedure is also not difficult, once you have tools and electric component then you can create this solar power box in just four hours and power up your entire house.

Ryan recommends car batteries for creating this solar box as these used car batteries are available cheaply on eBay or any mechanic shop and they can recharge thousands of times.

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Three Great Benefits Of Creating Smart Solar Box System:

The cost of electricity is going up regularly. Many people are trying everything to cut down their electricity bills. Sometimes, their living conditions are not like they wanted to be. Maybe you have to keep on reminding your kids to ‘switch off’ the TV or ‘switch off’ lights when they leave the room. Thankfully, with Smart Solar Box this is not the problem anymore. By creating your electricity, you can get numerous benefits such as:

Save Money:

You will start saving money as soon as you plug in the system. Many families reported saving up to 65% with this system and some large houses save 75%. This little solar system can generate the same amount of electricity that large solar energy systems can generate, and you don’t have to pay thousands to set up as well. This solar power bank system is safe, noiseless and has almost zero maintenance cost.

Easy To Use:

If you are interested in creating this solar box, then you can use this program. I searched around the internet and didn’t find instructions as clear as Ryan mentioned in this program. Once you set up, all your household appliances will work in the same way as they did before. More importantly, you can power up almost every household appliances like AC, refrigerator, TV,etc. with this system.


Once you set up this solar power box, you can take it with you anywhere you go. You can take it when you go for camping, fishing or any other outdoor activity. It will keep your electronic devices running while you enjoy a great time with your family. Additionally, this solar box is necessary if you are living in disaster-prone areas and you often have to locate to different places. A single charge battery can keep your electronic devices working for straight 18 hours.


Inexpensive To Build:

the advantagesThe rate of electricity is going up every year, and probably you are paying a good amount of money on monthly electric bills. Although this device seems to be expensive at first, however, in the long run, it saves you a lot of money. According to Ryan Tanner, the estimated cost of this device is $200, but you don’t have to buy some of the components because you already have them in your house and also you don’t need brand new car batteries for this device.

Anyone Can Build It:

You don’t need to be mechanic, electrician or engineer to make this device. You just have to follow step-by-step tutorials and need to be patient to make this device. You will get step-by-step video tutorial that will explain to you how you can make this device in just 3 to 4 hours.


This device is so lightweight and compact that it can fit in any space. You can take it with you at fishing, camping and so on and it will continue to provide you electricity for 20 hours without any loud noise that electric generators usually produce.

Minimal Maintenance:

Solar panels need cleaning but only occasionally and you can leave batteries inside the box without cleaning or repairing anything.

Money Back Guarantee:

This is a great advantage of this program. You have full sixty days to go through these blueprints and build your solar power bank. Within these 60 days, if this device doesn’t lower your bill by even one dollar you can write a message on your private support page and ask for a refund.


disadvantages of smart solar boxNeed Time And Efforts:

Although building this device doesn’t need any special skill, but you need at least 3 hours with a full focus on building this device. If you don’t want to invest your time and efforts, then you can leave this or pay someone to build it for you.

Available In Digital Format Only:

The Smart Solar Box is available in eBook format only. You also find video tutorials that you can steam online. However, if you have a poor internet connection or don’t like reading eBook, then this is a great disadvantage for you. If you want a hard copy then you can also print this guide .

Final Verdict – Is It Worth The Investment?

Smart Solar Box videos designed in such a way that it can benefit all types of people. This system is especially for those people who are living in disaster-prone areas and want to cut down the cost of their monthly electric bills. People who like outdoor activities can also take benefit from this system.

save moneyIf you are planning to invest in solar energy panels, then you should know that it can cost you somewhere around $10,000 for a 5KW solar panel system. However, if you don’t have that much money, then you can create this solar power box to get the same amount of electricity at much less cost.

You don’t need any degree in electrical engineering to create this device. You only need to be good at following the instructions. Ryan Tanner has provided a complete step-by-step guide and high-quality videos that make it easy for you to create your solar panel system in your backyard or garage.

All in all, if you think you can’t afford to install solar panel but looking for a way to generate electricity for your home, then Smart Solar Box eBook is the best solution for you.

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